The Company Invested More Than 14 Million Yuan To Initiate The Establishment Of A New Joint Venture

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In April this year, in order to explore and develop Marine science and technology in our country, seize high-quality resources in the core area of Marine automation equipment, and further help the healthy and sustainable development of the company, the company co-founded Zhejiang Oushentai Marine Technology Co., LTD with Zhoushan Haohai Enterprise Management Partnership, Hainan Chengkai Investment Co., LTD and other institutions and individuals.


According to the contract terms and project progress, our company will gradually invest more than 14 million yuan in the joint venture this year, accounting for 33.32% of the share capital, becoming the second largest shareholder of Ou Shentai Company.


On May 29, Zhejiang Oushentai Marine Technology Co., LTD.  Having successfully held the first session of the second board of directors, Dong Weng and five other directors attended the meeting, nine meeting resolutions were unanimously passed.