The Company's Performance In The First Half Of 2021 Has Reached A New High

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Time changes, time flies. Half of 2021 has quietly passed. The rapid popularization of COVID-19 vaccines has pushed the world into the post-pandemic era and the economy has gradually recovered. Superimposed on factors such as equipment update demand and environmental emission standards upgrade, the industry boom continues to improve. In this context, our company fully grasp the market opportunities, continue to increase research and development investment, constantly improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, promote production, strengthen internal management and tap potential for efficiency, showing a good momentum of rapid growth, production and operation achievements, handed over the company since its establishment of the most brilliant report card, a successful end to the half year.


As of the end of June, the orders of Qianpu machinery increased by 58.9% compared with the same period last year, and the sales increased by 47.5% compared with the same period last year, setting a record high of half a year. The undelivered orders exceeded 27 million, and the delivery period has been arranged for the third quarter. In the case of five consecutive years of double-digit rapid growth, Hoyea Machinery set a new record in the first half of this year, the total order volume reached 103.12 million, an increase of 109%, and the sales volume was 71.4 million, an increase of 64%. In May, Hoyea reached a record high since the establishment of the company, and the monthly order volume exceeded 20 million again, up to 22.69 million yuan. On the line of 100 million orders, Hoyea has been wandering for nearly ten years, and has worked hard and continued to gallop. Today we finally broke through, and it only took six months! Meteor rush to the moon, from now on the company embarked on a new journey.