Hoyea Forge Ahead And Achieve Good Results

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In 2021, Hoyea achieved 40% sales growth for the whole year, achieving the largest annual growth since Hoyea went through the initial period. Among them, the biggest bright spot in sales performance -- explosion-proof valve has achieved a growth rate of nearly 65% and an increment of nearly 10 million yuan. The substantial growth of such high value-added products has made a significant contribution to the growth of Hua-liquid's profits.


In 2022, the domestic and international situation is still complex and full of uncertainty, but for Huayue, the acceleration of the localization process of hydraulic components of various domestic host manufacturers is certain. It is certain that Hoyea has continued to accumulate and enhance various soft and hard strengths and brand influence over the years. It is believed that in 2022, Huayue will surely achieve a new leap forward.