Pressure Reducing Valve

The YJ pilot-operated reducing valve is controlled by the pilot and mainly used to reduce the pressure of a certain loop in the hydraulic system. It is suitable for hydraulic systems with a large flow rate.

Product Introduction of Pressure Reducing Valve


Technical specification

Specification 03 06
Max. Working pressure (MPa) 31.5
Max. Flow (L/min) 150 300
Working fluid Mineral oil; phosphate-ester
Fluid temp. (°C) -20~70
Viscosity (mm2/s) 12~380
Working pressure (MPa) 5        10        20        31.5
Cleanliness The maximum allowable cleanliness of the oil should be according to 9th degree of Standard NAS 1638. It is suggested that the minimum filter rating should be β10≥75.


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