HYRV10-23 (Pilot Operated Relief Valve)

A cartridge-style pilot-operated spool-type relief valve.


A cartridge-style pilot-operated spool-type relief valve.



The valve prevents flow from ① to ② until pressure at ① exceeds the set crack pressure and opens the pilot section. The pilot flow creates a pressure differential across the spool which causes the valve to open allowing flow from ① to ② protecting the circuit from over pressurization. This cartridge relief valve offers a smooth transition in response to a load change in a hydraulic circuit.



Operating pressure:

20.7-240 Bar


7.6 ~ 113.6 Lpm (2 ~ 30 gpm)

Internal leakage:

0.5 ml/min. max. to 80% of nominal setting pressure

Reseat pressure:

90% of crack pressure (crack pressure at 7.6 lpm/ 2 gpm)

Pressure rise:

At 240Bar (3500psi): 0.15 bar/lpm (8psi/gpm)


(-54℃ to +135℃) with NBR material seals


Mineral-based fluids with viscosity of 7.4 to 420 cSt.


HY10-2, see page H.1.3

Body material:

Steel & ductile iron rated to 350 bar


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