HYCR10-28 (Relief Valve Bi-Directional)

A cartridge-style direct-acting bi-directional relief valve.


The valve is a direct-acting, dual cross-over relief valve in a single cartridge format. When pressure at either port exceeds the nominal setting value, flow will be transmitted to the opposite port. Back pressure at either port will affect the nominal setting of the opposite port on a 1:1 basis. For correlating purposes, pre-set value will be measured at port ②. Pressure at port ① will not exceed ±150 psi from the port ② value.



Operating pressure:

240 Bar

Standard spring ranges:

Pressure is set at port ②, 14 to 210 bar

Reseat pressure:

90% of crack pressure (crack pressure at 0.95 lpm/ 0.25 gpm)

Maximum difference for crack pressure in both directions:

10.5 Bar (150 psi)


See performance chart

Internal leakage:

When reseat to 85% of crack pressure: 33 ml/min


(-40℃ to +120℃) with NBR material seals


Mineral-based fluids with viscosity of 7.4 to 420 cSt.


HY10-2, see page H.1.3

Body material:

6061-T6 Aluminum alloy rated to 207 bar, steel & ductile iron rated to 350 bar


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