Proportional Pilot-Operated Pressure Reducing Valve (BYJ 90)

Comprised of proportional directly-operated relief valve, pressure limiting valve and reducing valve, this product controls a secondary pressure from the system pressure according to value of input current.

Proportional Pilot-operated Pressure Reducing Valve (BYJ)


Technical specification

Specification 03 06
Maximum pressure (MPa) 31.5 31.5
Maximum flow (l/min) 80 200
Secondary pressure regulating range (MPa) See model description
Rated current (mA) 800
Coil resistance (Ω) 19.5
Hysteresis (%) <±2.5
Repeatability (%) <±2
Cleanliness Filter is recommended for the highest fluid pollution degree; the lowest specific filtration resistance according to ISO 4406 (C) 20/18/15.


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