Proportional Directly Operated Relief Valve (BYZ 70)

This valve is a direct operated valve controlled by proportional solenoid, it is mainly used for small hydraulic system according to input current, and always is used to be taken as the pilot relief valve of a second pressure valve.

Proportional Directional Operated Relief Valve (BYZ)


Technical data

Maximum pressure (MPa) 31.5
Maximum flow (l/min) 2
Minimum flow (l/min) 0.7
Rated current (mA) 800
Coil resistance (Ω) 10~19.5
Hysteresis (%) <±1.5
Repeatability (%) ±1
Cleanliness Filter is recommended for the highest fluid pollution degree; the lowest specific filtration resistance according to ISO 4406 (C) 20/18/15.


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