HY-TS98-31 (Proportional Pressure Reducing/ Relief Valve)

A screw-in, cartridge-style, pilot-operated, spool-type hydraulic pressure reducing/relieving valve, which can be infinitely adjusted across a prescribed range using a variable electric input. Pressure output is proportional to DC current input. This valve is intended for use as a pressure limiting device in demanding applications.


Without applied current, the TS98-31 allows dual-flow from③ to ④ while blocking ②. when the coil is energized, ③ is connected to ②, and pressure at ③ is controlled proportional to the amount if current applied to the coil. If pressure at ③ exceeds the setting induced by the coil, pressure is relieved to ④. Back pressure on port ④ becomes additive to the pressure setting at a 1:1 ratio.

Note: consult factory for special OEM variations of this product.


Technical specification (for application beyond these parameters, please contact with us)



Installation position

When possible, the valve should be mounted below the reservoir oil level. This will maintain oil in the armature preventing trapped air instability. If this is not feasible, mount the valve horizontally for best results.

Storage temperature (℃)

-20℃ to +55℃

Ambient temperature (℃)

-20℃ to +50℃


Hydraulic specification

Max. inlet pressure at port 2

207 Bar (3000 psi)

Rated flow

When coil de-energized, ③ to ④ to reduced pressure is 45 psi: 11.4 lpm (3 gpm)

Flow path

Free flow: dua-flow from ③ to ④ coil de-energized;

Reducing: ② to ③ coil energized

Relieving: ③ to ④ coil energized, ① is not plumbed externally

Threshold voltage

12 VDC coils: 0.150 A

24 VDC coils: 0.075A

Max. Pilot flow

0.4 Lpm (0.12gpm)


3% PWM

Hydraulic fluid

Mineral oil, phosphate-ester


7.4 ~ 420 cSt (50 ~ 2000 sus)


-30℃~+175℃ (-20~350°F), with FPM seals


HY98-3, see page H.1.10


Electrical specification

Max. Control current

12 VDC coils: 0.7 A;

24 VDC coils: 0.35A

Reducing/ relief pressure range

(from zero to max. control current)

0-138 bar (0-2000 psi)



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