HY-DBVSA-1LG (Inverse-proportional Pressure Reducing Valve)

Series HY-DBVSA-1LG. Inverse-proportional pressure-relief valves consist of a spool-type main stage and a leak-free, poppet-type pilot stage with a falling pressure/current characteristic. Thanks to the damping of the solenoid armature, these pressure-relief cartridges exhibit excellent stability over the whole pressure and flow range. In control mode, the relief pressure is inversely proportional to the change in the required value (amplifier output current).

Technical specification (for application beyond these parameters, please contact with us)



Installation position


Storage temperature (℃)

-25℃ to +55℃

Ambient temperature (℃)

-25℃ to +50℃


0.4 kg


Hydraulic specification

Max. operating pressure

Port code 2

300 bar

Port code 1

250 bar

Max. flow rate

65 L/min

Nominal pressure ranges

50 bar, 63 bar, 100 bar, 160 bar, 230 bar, 300 bar

Leakage flow rate 2 to 1

0.1 L/min (pressure range 63 bar)

0.15 L/min (pressure range 100 bar)

0.25 L/min (pressure range 160 bar)

0.36 L/min (pressure range 230 bar)

0.45 L/min (pressure range 300 bar)

Hydraulic fluid

Mineral oil, phosphate-ester


20~380 mm2/s

Hydraulic fluid temperature



The maximum allowable cleanliness of the oil should be according to 9th degree of Standard NAS1638. It is suggested that the minimum filter rating should be β10 ≥75


Electrical specification

Supply voltage

12 VDC, 24 VDC

Control current

0-1400 mA (12V)

0-760 mA (24V)

Power consumption at max. control current


Coil resistance R


12 V-5.8 Ω/ 24 V-21 Ω

Max. Warm value

12 V-8.6 Ω/ 24 V-30 Ω

Recommended PWM frequency (dither)

200 Hz

Hysteresis with PWM


Relative duty cycle


Electrical connection

Square plug to ISO 4400/ DIN 43 650 (standard)

Protection class (DIN 40 050)




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