Single Acting Plough Overturning Valves

Use and operation:
This valve has been realized for use on cylinders for reversible plough to obtain the automatic oil back-flow and therefore the reversal of the motion of the hydraulic cylinder that makes the plough rotating. It is provided with a single pilot check valve which guarantees safety just on the block side, whilst on the stem side it must be leaned on the plough mechanical locks. Assembly on balanced and light plough with internal diameters 40/50 millimeters and 60/80 millimeters is recommended.
Connect C1 to the cylinder’s stem, C2 to the block, P and T to the machine inlet. Thanks to its shape, it can be in-line assembled on a hydraulic cylinder or directly fixed on the plough through the threaded hole made on the body.

Technical specification


40/50 SE

60/80 SE

Max adjustable pressure (Bar)


Max pressure (Bar)



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