We Will Continue To Make Strong Efforts To Improve Technology And Promote High-quality Development.​

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From 2017 to June 2021, Hoyea invested nearly 100 million yuan in technology transformation, information system upgrading, and lean production transformation in the past five years, laying a solid foundation for realizing the business goal of "doubling in three years and doubling in five years" proposed in 2020. Especially in terms of technical transformation, over the years, the annual investment of ten million yuan has been continuously, which has effectively improved product quality and production efficiency, and effectively laid the foundation for high-quality development. This year and next year, Hoyea will invest nearly 20 million yuan to buy a batch of high-precision special equipment. At present, two Mori Seiki Caddies, two Doosan Caddies, two Doosan Lijia and other equipment have been in place, and two Mori Seiki Caddies will be in place at the beginning of July.