Qianpu, Hoyea Double Record High, The First Quarter To Welcome A "good Start"

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Spring for the first, all things first competition. 2020 is the first year for the company to formulate the development strategy of "doubling in three years, doubling in five years". The company has worked hard to successfully complete the task objectives and a perfect end. In 2021, the company closely focuses on the annual task goal. Since the beginning of the year, the company has quickly pressed the "fast forward button" and made every effort to create "acceleration". All the staff of the company have concentrated on the "wind" and taken the "wind" to expand the market, float red all the way, produce and deliver goods, and have full horsepower. The company's order volume and sales are both high. Qianpu Machinery and Hua-ye machinery have delivered a bright and breath-lifting "report card" in the first quarter, achieving a good start in the first quarter.


As of the end of March, Qianpu machinery orders increased by 82% year-on-year;  sales increased by more than 96.5% year-on-year, both hitting a record high for the first quarter. According to statistics, the delivery date of the remaining orders of the current Qianpu machinery has been arranged after July. The Hoyea machine has more momentum, the first quarter orders last year increased by more than 141%;  sales rose 138.5% year on year, also hitting a record high, and orders in March again set a new monthly record.