Professor Kong Xiangdong, Former Vice President Of Yanshan University, Led A Research Team To Hoyea To Discuss Cooperation Projects

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On the morning of August 8th, Professor Kong Xiangdong, former Vice President of Yanshan University, and his research team of 8 people came to Hoyea to discuss the cooperation projects and donations. Chairman Weng Zhentao, General Manager Weng Zidan, executive Vice President Zhang Ce and six members of the development department who graduated from Yanda participated in the reception.


Professor Kong Xiangdong is a well-known scholar in the field of fluid transmission and control in China. He is the former chairman of the fluid transmission and Control branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society. Professor Kong is a classmate of Dong Weng at Zhejiang University, and Yan University is the Alma mater of President Weng. It is due to this origin that Hoyea and Yan University have always been closely connected in terms of scientific research project cooperation and graduate introduction. The two sides have cooperated in the development and research of "electro-hydraulic proportional valve PWM Controller", "high efficiency and energy saving electro-hydraulic control components" and other projects. Professor Kong's research team is mainly engaged in the innovation of intelligent equipment electro-hydraulic integration components and systems. After detailed introduction and in-depth communication, the two sides have reached a preliminary intention for cooperation. In 2017, when Mr. Weng attended the celebration of his Alma mater, he donated 1 million yuan to Yanda in the name of Hoyea. In December 2018, Professor Kong led the team and Yanda alumni to Hoyea to share the feelings of Yanda and seek new development. Mr. Weng promised that Hoyea would donate another million to his Alma. This time, Dong Weng, Zong Weng and Professor Kong further discussed the details of the use of the donated funds of Hoyea.


During the exchange, Dong Weng presented a signed book of "Qiushi • Duxing" to Professor Kong and his party.  Professor Kong also gave a souvenir of the school celebration in return, and invited Dong Weng and Mr. Weng to attend the Centennial celebration of Yanda University held in September this year.