A Group Of Experts And Professors From The Ministry Of Education Visited The Company

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On June 30th, more than 20 experts and professors from the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education came to visit the company. Zhang Ce, Executive Vice president of Hoyea, and Zhao Shijie, chief of Technology Department, warmly received them on behalf of the company.


Mr. Zhang introduced to the guests the cooperation between Hoyea and zhejiang university, yan university and other universities, as well as the research and development fields and progress of the cooperation. This paper introduces in detail the high-precision special products of Hoyea, their application range and export situation, and introduces the processing and manufacturing process of some products. The guests gave a high evaluation of huayu, and fully affirmed the position of Hoyea in the industry. We look forward to Hoyea's more powerful force to lead the booming development of the industry in the future.