HYFD10-40 (Flow Divider/Combiner)

A cartridge-style pressure-compensated flow divider/combiner valve.


A cartridge-style pressure-compensated flow divider/combiner valve.



In the dividing mode, the valve will divert input flow from port ③ to port ② and ④, based on the ratio specified, regardless of operating pressure. The valve will combine input flow from ② and ④.



Operating pressure:

240 Bar

Flow options:

Input flow: 7.6 lpm; ratio: 50:50; model: HYFD10-40-11

Input flow: 15.1 lpm; ratio: 50:50; model: HYFD10-40-22

Input flow: 22.7 lpm; ratio: 50:50; model: HYFD10-40-33

Input flow: 30.3 lpm; ratio: 50:50; model: HYFD10-40-44

Input flow: 37.9 lpm; ratio: 50:50; model: HYFD10-40-55

Input flow: 45.4 lpm; ratio: 50:50; model: HYFD10-40-66

Flow maintenance accuracy:

10% from 30 - 100% of max. rated flow


(-40℃ to +120℃) with NBR material seals


Mineral fluids with viscosity of 7.4 to 420 cSt.


HY10-4, see page H.1.4

Body material:

6061-T6 Aluminum alloy rated to 207 bar, steel & ductile iron rated to 350 bar


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