HYDC08-40 (Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve)

A cartridge-style dual pilot-operated check valve.


The valve will block flow from ① to ②, and from ④ to ③. Flow is allowed in the opposite direction when pressure is applied to port ② and/or ③. The valve has a 2.5:1 pilot ratio, so at least 40 percent of the load pressure at port ① or ④ is required at the pilot lines (port ③ or ②) to open the flow passage to allow flow from port ① or ④.



Max. operating pressure:

240 Bar


See pressure drop vs. flow graph

Internal leakage:

5 Drops/min. at 210 bar

② to ①: 115 ml/min. at 240 bar

Crack pressure:

1.7 Bar

9.3 Bar

Pilot ratio:



(-40℃ to +120℃) with NBR material seals


Mineral-based fluids with viscosity of 7.4 to 420 cSt.


HY08-4, see page H.1.3

Body material:

6061-T6 Aluminum alloy rated to 207 bar, steel & ductile iron rated to 350 bar


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