Proportional screw-in cartridge flow control valve

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Technical specification
旺旺 Rated flow (L/min) See model specification
Internal leakage (L/min) 0.38(21 MPa Closed situation)
Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil or phosphate-ester
Fluid temp.(°c) -20〜70
Initial current (mA) 125±50
Max.Current (mA) 725+50
Filter is recommended for the highest fluid pollution degree;the lowest specific filtration resistance according to ISO 4406 (C) 20/18/15.

Solenoid operated,input current adjustment,2-way and pressure compensation are characters for this type normal closed proportional screw-in cartridge flow control valve.
Adjusting the flow changable for port 2 with no influence by pressure load is available according to input signal.

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