Proportional relief valve

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Technical data (If there is application beyond these parameters, please consult with us.)


Specification DN6
Installation position optional, preferably horizontal
Storage temperature range (℃) -20〜80
Ambient temperature range (℃) BY and BDY -20〜70
BYN and BDYN -20〜50
Weight (Kg) BY and BDY 2.4
BYN and BDYN 2.5

Model B ( D ) Yand B ( D ) YN

Component series 1X
Maximum operating pressure 315bar
Maximum flow 30L/min

Measured at (P=1 OObar,Mineral oil HLP4+,40C土5C )

Operating pressure(bar) PortsP,P1-P2 A1 -A2 ; B1-B2 Up to 315
Port T Up to 50

Highest setting pressure ( bar)

Pressure class 50 50
Pressure class 100 100
Pressure class 200 200
Pressure class 315 315
The minimum set pressure at zero point ( bar) Please see the performance curve
Back pressure of port A ( bar) Single zero pressure back to oil tank
Flow of pilot oil (L/min) 0.6〜1.2
Maximum flow (L/min) 30
Pressure fluid Mineral oil (HL, HLP) to DIN 51 524;For other fluid please consult with us.
Fluid temp. Range ( ℃) -20〜80
Viscosity range ( ℃) 15+380
Oil cleanliness (mm2/s ) Filter is recommended for the highest fluid pollution degree; the lowest specific filtration resistance according to ISO 4406 (C) 20/18/15.
Hysteresis (%) Plus-minus 1.5 of the highest adjustable pressure
Repeatability (%) Less than plus-minus 2 of the highest adjustable pressure
Linearity (%) Plus-minus 3.5 of the highest adjustable pressure
Sel value caused by the manufacturing errors - pressure characteristics curve derivation refertothe characteristics curvewhen pressure rising BY and BDY( % ) Plus-minus 2.5 of the highest adjustable pressure
BYN and BDYN( % ) Plus-minus 1.5 of the highest adjustable pressure
Phase step corresponding Tu+Tg 10%-90%( ms ) Approximately 80 Depend on the installation
90%-10%( ms ) Approximately 50
Cleanliness Filter is recommended for the highest fluid pollution degree;the lowest specific filtration resistance according to ISO 4406 (C) 20/18/15.

Electrical Specification
Voltage type   Direct Voltage 24V
Controlling current (mA ) (Minimum ) 100, ( Maximum ) 1600

Solenoid coil (Ω)

20℃ Measuring under 5.4
Maximum numerical value 7.8
Resistance (%) 100
Electrical connection see BY and BDY Plug to connect DIN 175 301 -803 and ISO 4400 Ocket to connect DIN 175 301-803 and ISO 4400
BYN and BDYN Plug to connect DIN EN175 301-803 Ocket to connect DINEN175 301-803
Type of insulation to DIN 40 050 IP65 has got installed and lockedup plug-in connector

Model BY and BDY:

Type proportional pressure relief valve is driven by proportional solenoid, used to limit systemic pressure. With this series valve, operated systemic pressure accurately is available according to the set value.
The valve is made up of proportional solenoidl fbody2,valve subassembly, spool valve4and pilot-operated poppet valve and pilot valve (8).
Proportional solenoid changes the electrical current value proportionally into mechanical force. While the electrical current value increases, the mechanical force increases relatively.
The chamber of the solenoid, which is filled with oil, can keep balance of pressure. Systemic pressure is set by the setting value through solenoid 1 ,when the pressure of port P increases in accordance with systemic pressure, pressure exerts an impact on the right side of spool,meanwhile, systemic pressure functions on the spring loading side of the spool via controlling oil flow (6) with restrictive valve(5).Through restrictive valve(7),systemic pressure exerts effects on pilot-operated poppet(8) valve, to balance the force which is produced by the solenoid. When the systemic pressure reaches the setting value, pilot-operated poppet valve departs the valve seating. According to the model form, pilot oil can discharge externally or internally via port A (Y) to oil tank, so that limit the loading side pressure of the spring of the spool(4). If systemic pressure keeps increasing, the high pressure on the right side of the spool will push the spool to the right till the controlling port P relieving to the port T.
When the setting value iszero, the minimum pressure can be set by utilizing the minimum controlling current. Attention!
To fully exert the function of the valve, the following measures should be taken to relieve the air:
•Unloading the air-relief scew (9),
-Injecting the hydraulic oil from the bolt hole 9
-Resettling the scew when the air bubbles disappeared. Draining of tank line is to be avoided.
-Under certain circumtance, a back-pressure valve should be installed in the outlet.(back pressure is approximately 25bar.)

With regard to the design of function, these valves correspond with the model BY and BDY, but the proportional solenoid has housing (10), in which is the electrical controllers. Through the function of plug-in connector (11), supply can be received and the pressure can be set.

The set value--pressure performance curve

(plug-in module 12 connect zero point, and lmax adjust the augmentation of regulation resistance R30) is preestablished by the factory by applying the minimum manufacturing tolerance. When the pressure increases or decreases, the regulation resistance of ramptime could be adjusted separately.


Integrated circuit is controlled by the pipe-shape D and E of the differential amplifier.
Ramptime generator enables the time delay of electrical current of the solenoid to increase or decrease according to the phase step( 10 to 10V or 10 to OV) of the setting value.The time for the augmentation of the electrical current of the solenoid could be adjusted through the regulation resistanceRI 4,and reversely through R13.
When input setting value is max, ramptime achieve the maximum value 5S. If it is decreasing, ramptime will be shortened relatively.The performance curve of the solenoid current, adjuststhe setting value of the performance curve of the generator, making it reach required value.
Therefore, the setting value of the pressure performance curve could be acquired by compensating the non linear factor of the hydraulic pressure.
Current controller can remove the influence of the resistance of the solenoid current.The regulation resistance 30 could be used to change the setting value (the current performance curve) of the proportional pressure valve and the setting value (the augmentation of the pressure performance curve)
The regulationR42 is used to set the fixed bias current. If necessary, the setting value of the valve seat could be set•…the zero point of the pressure performance curve.The power class of the proportional solenoid could be formed or controlled by the switch amplifier,it could make impulse-width modulation through 300Hz impulse frequency.
Through measuring point MPIand MP2, solenoid current could be tested .The 0.352V voltage reducing amount on the measured resistance is equal to the changes of 1.6A solenoid current.

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