Proportional directional valve special amplifier

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H-AP-206-2.5-U (i) proportional directional valve special amplifier Technical specification

w Supply voltage ( V ) 24±10%
H-AP-206-2.5-U (Voltage Control) ( VA ) ±10
H-AP-206-2.5-I (Current Control) (mA) 4-20
Load Resister (20℃ ) 3
Control voltage ( optional) (mA) 2500
Operating environmenttemperature (℃) 0〜70
Temperature drift ( mA/℃) 0.3
Dimension ( mm ) 170x110
Weight (g ) 120

Supply Voltage: 24VDC, Rated Current Amplitude: 0〜2500mA
Components: Filter Circuit, Voltage Regulator, Two Switch Power Amplifiers, Ramp Regulator, Differential Input, Gain Regulator, Zero Regulator, High Precision & Low Temperature Drift Amplifying Circuit

Application range:
BFW 3-position 4-way Proportional directional valve (Load Resistance: 2.5)

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