Proportional directional valve(BFWE 2X)

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The 4/2-and 4/3-way directly operated proportional directional valves,

Spool with electrical position feedback. Type BFWE and BFWNE

Nominal size 6 and 10 Component series 2X Maximum operating pressure 31 5bar Maximum flow 80L/min DN 6 (DN6) Maximum flow 80L/min DN 10 (DN10)

Technical data (For application outside these parameters please consult with us)
Specification DN 6 DN 10
Installation position optional, preferably horizontal
Storage temperature range (℃) -20~80
Ambienttemperature range (℃) BFWE -20~70
BFWNE -20~50
Weight (kg) BFWE 2.2 6.3
BFWNE 2.4 6.5

Tested under the condition of (P=100bar, Mineral oil HLP4+,40C土5C )
Operating pressure(bar) Ports A,B, P to 315
Port T to 210

Nominal flow
When qvnom Max at p-10 bar

(L/min) 8 25
16 50
32 75
Flow (Max. Permissible) (L/min) 80 180
Pressure fluid Mineral oil (HL, HLP) to DIN 51 524;For other fluid please consult with us.
Fluid temp. Range (℃) -20〜80( +40〜+50 is preference)
Viscosity range (mm²/s) 20〜380( 30〜46is preference)
Hysteresis (%) ≤0.1
Reversal span (%) ≤0.05
Response sensitivity (%) ≤0.05
Zero displacement will vary in pressure oil temperature and working temperature. %/100(K) 0.15
%/100(bar) 0.1
Cleanliness Filter is recommended for the highest fluid pollution degree; the lowest specific filtration resistance according to ISO 4406(C) 20/18/15.

Electrical Specification
Voltage type direct-current voltage DC

Command signal BFWNE

Voltage input “A1” (V) ±10
Voltage input “F1” (mA) 4~20
Solenoid coil Resistance(Ω) Numerical value of cooling 2.7 3.7
Numerical value of the warmth 4.05 5.55
Duty cycle (%) 100
Coil temperature (max) ℃ up to150
Electrical connection see BFWE (Plug to connect) DIN 175 301-803 ISO 4400 (Ocketto connect) DIN 175 301-803 ISO 4400

(Plug to connect ) DIN EN175 201-804 ( Qcket to connect) DINEN175 201-804

Insulation of valve to DIN 40 050 IP65 has got installed and locked up plug-in connector

1 ) To have a long service life for the component, we strongly suggest the fluid should be well-filtered frequently.
2 ) Please comply with European Standards DIN EN 563 and DIN EN 982 must be taken into account!
3 ) With HOYEA Machinery Manufacture CO. LTD. control electronics

Plug-in connector

A1 Connectortype A1

Connectortype F1



24VDC(u(t)=1 9.4 〜35V);/max=2A




Reference potential(actual value)


Linkto F; Re>50KΩ

Link to F; Rc<10Ω

Differential amplifier input


Com. Value ± 10V;Re>50KΩ

Com. Value 4---20mA; Re>100Ω


Reference potential set value

Measuring the output (actual value)


Actual value ± 10V, (Current limiter 5mA )


Link to the valve body and low-temperature subjects

Com. value : Positive command value (0 to 1 0 V or 12 to 20 mA) at D and reference potential to E causes flow
from P to A and B to T. Negative command value (0 to 10 V or 12 to 4 mA) at D and reference potential to E causes flow from P to B and A to T. For valves with a solenoid on side “a” (spool variants EA and WA) a positive command value at D and reference potential to E (NS 6: 4 to 20 mA and NS 10:12 to 20 mA) causes flow from P to B and A to T.

Actual value : The actual value (0〜10V or 12mA) on the F.C enables the connection from port P to port A.

Connection cable Recommendation:
-up to 25 m cable length type LiYCY 5 x 0.75 mrrr
-up to 50 m cable length type LiYCY 5 x 1.0 mm External diameter 6.5 to 11 mm Connect screen to PE only on the supply side

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