Proportional directional valve(BFW)

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The built-in 4/2-and 4/3-way directly operated proportional solenoid valves

direct operated spool without electrical position feedback Type BFWand BFWN

Nominal sizes 6 and 10 Series 2X

Maximum operating pressure 315bar Maximum flow 42L/min (DN6)

Maximum flow 75L/min (DN10)

Technical data (Please consult with us when the application needs higher requirement than the parameter shown below)
Installation position optional, preferably horizontal
Storage temperature range (℃) -20~80
Ambienttemperature range (℃) -20~70 -20~50
Weight (kg) DN6 2.0 2.2
DN10 6.6 6.8

Hydraulic Specification
Operating pressure(bar) Ports A,B, P 315
Port T 210

Nominal flow
qvnom at△p=10 bar (L/min)

DN6 7,15 and 26
DN10 30,60
Flow (Max. Permissible) (L/min) DN6 42(with double flow 42)80
DN10 75(with double flow 75)140
Pressure fluid Mineral oil (HL,HLP) to DIN 51 524;For other fluid please consult with us.
Fluid temp. Range (℃) -20~80(+40~+50 is preference)
Viscosity range (mm²/s) 20~380(30~46 is preference)
Hysteresis (%) ≤5
Reversal span (%) ≤1
Response sensitivity (%) ≤0.5
Cleanliness Maximum permissible degree of pressure fluid contamination to NAS 1638 to class 9 Recommended filter β10≥75。

Electrical Specification
Voltage type Direct voltage

Command signal

Voltage input “A1” (V) ±10 ±10
Voltage input “F1” (mA) 4~20 4~20
Max. current per solenoid (A) 2.5 2.5
Solenoid coil Resistance (Ω) Cold value at20℃ 2 2
Max. warm value 3 3
Duty cycle (%) 100
Max.Coil temperature 2 up to150
Electrical connection BFW Plug-in connector to DIN EN 175301-803 and ISO 4400

Plug-in connector to DIN EN 175301-803 and ISO 4400 Plug-in connector to DIN 43563-AM-3

Insulation of valve to DIN 40 050 IP65

Control electronics

BFW (type) Analogue amplifier in Eurocard format2) Details refer to proportional amplifier
Digital amplifier in Eurocard format2) Details refer to proportional amplifier
BFWN (type) Analogue command value module Integrated into the valves
Supply voltage



Nominal voltage VDC 24
BFWN Lower limiting value V 21/22 19
BFW Upper limiting value V 35
Amplifier current consumption Imsx A 1.8 1.8
Max. impulse current A 3 3

Due to the occurring surface temperature of the solenoid coils, the European Standards DIN EN 563 and DIN EN 982 must be taken into account! With HOYEA Machinery Manufacture CO. LTD. control electronics

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