Manual operated directional control valve

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W Specification 02 03 04 06
Working pressure (MPa) Port P、A、B 31.5
Port T 10
Max. Flow (L/min) 60 100 300 450
Working fluid Mineral oil;phosphate-ester
Fluid temp. (℃) ~20-70
Viscosity (mm²/s) 2.8~380
Weight (kg) About 1.4 About 3.3 About 8 About 17

The maximum allowable cleanliness of the oil should be according to 9th degree of Standard is suggested that the minimum filter rating should be β10≥75。

Manual operated directional control valve is a directional control valve, by operating the handle, the spool moves in the axial direction to achieve oil loop switching.
Manual operated directional control valve and electrical operated directional control valve are played the same role in the hydraulic system. Easy operation, reliable work,and without the need for electricity.

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