Intelligent low power consumption directional valve

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s Specification 02 03
Working pressure (MPa) Oil ports P、A、B 35 31.5
Oil ports T 10 10
Max. Flow (L/min) 80 120
Working fluid Mineral oil;phosphate-ester
Fluid temp. (℃) -20~70
Viscosity (mm²/s) 2.8~380
Working voltage 24V (DC) 220V/50HZ (AC)
allowed voltage floating range(DC) K type 24V±10%
X type 16.8 〜28.2V
U type 24V±10%
Power (W ) 12 15
Moment peak power(DC)(W) K type 45 75
X type 30 36
U type 30 36
Switching frequency (/h) DC K type 7200 7200
X type 12000 12000
U type 12000 12000
AC K type 3600 3600
Insulation grade IP55
The maximum allowable cleanliness of the oil should be according to 9th degree of Standard NAS is suggested that the minimum filter rating should be β10≥75.

Low power-consumption directional valve with smart chip integrated is a new type valve, its advantage focus on adaptability in wide voltage range, low power consumption, heat-resisting, stronger thrust, and protect the solenoid from burning when overloading, can be used in hydraulic systems, to control the flow on/off, can also act as pilot valve, to control others.

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