The chairman and delegation of DMG MORI Global machine tool industry leader visited Hoyea

Jun 4, 2019

       On May 23rd, the chairman Dr. Masahiko Mori, President&COO Dr. Beermann and of global machine tool industry leader---DMG MORI and their delegation visited Hoyea officially.

       DMG MORI is the top manufacture for machine tool in the word, has been the No.1 for recent years. Hoyea chairman Mr. Weng and general manager Mr.Weng attached great importance to their visit, and received them grandly. The guests mainly viewed the machine tools that Hoyea purchased from them more than 20 sets, and asked the working condition. 

       After visiting, the two sides negotiated in the VIP room. Chairman Mr.Weng introduced Hoyea development plan in near future, also made some suggestion regarding the after-sale service. Dr. Masahiko Mori stated that DMG MORI will give the most satisfactory answer to Hoyea for sure,after internal discussion.

       After the conversation, Dr. Masahiko Mori officially invited Chairman Mr. Weng, general manager Mr.Weng, and Mr. Guo to the appreciation dinner offered by them.

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