▶Yinzhou Sida Hydraulic Parts Factory was established in 1993, and started the professional research and manufacturing of hydraulic components and system.
▶"Ningbo Hoyea Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd" was created in 1995 with 1.2 million RMB.
▶In 1996, the company was invested to build the workshop of solenoid, have the capacity to produce anti-explosion, direct-operated proportional solenoid. 
▶In 1997, the development strategy of "on the basis of hydraulic components, and on the direction of complete appliance" was determined, and the production line of rubber machine was invested, in order to build up a production chain of complete appliance.
▶In 1998, the first transfer type molding machine for rubber was successfully designed and developed, which filled the gap of domestic rubber machinery industry.
▶In 2000, the segment factory was built in Shiqi Town, Yinzhou District.
▶In 2001, by the cooperation with Zhejiang University, the National Electric Fluid Control Technology Research Center Ningbo Branch was created in Hoyea.
▶In 2002, Lu Yongxiang, the Chinese Agricultural Technician, who is also the university tutor of Chairman Zhentao Weng visited Hoyea for the first time.
▶In 2003, 20 million RMB were invested to establish the first-stage of construction of "Ningbo Hoyea Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd" in Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District, and the company began stepping into a comprehensive expansion stage. 
▶In 2004, the company has made a strategic restructuring, "Ningbo Chap Mechan-Electro-Hydraulic S&T Development Co.,Ltd" was established as the Holdings Corporation, which owned three subsidiaries, "Ningbo Hoyea Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd", "Ningbo Chap Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd", and "Ningbo Hopea Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd". They operated three big business, in terms of hydraulic,complete appliance, and electric fluid control technology. 
▶In 2008, Hengxi Factory, which locates off the Shore of Dongqian Lake, finished the second-stage of the project, and it covered an area of 60000m2, that was building area of 50000 m2. After then, the subsidiaries, "Ningbo Chap Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd" and "Ningbo Hopea Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd" moved into this factory, and combined with Ningbo Hoyea, several enterprise pooled into a holding company, which covers the first place of high-tech enterprises in Hengxi within the electromechanical fluid industrial chain, and formed an electromechanical fluid trinity strong momentum of development.
▶In 2011, Lu Yongxiang, the NPC standing committee vice-chairperson, came to Hoyea for the second time.

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